RandeeRandee Waldo:

Randee Waldo has worked 30 years in the Beauty industry, and 10 years as a certified permanent makeup artist.

Randee has her Permanent MakeUp and MicroPigmentation certificates, from the European Institute of Aesthetics and The MicroPigmentation Centre. She has worked many years perfecting her techniques and continues to educate her self as new techniques are introduced.


Randees Certifications:

certificates_01 certificates_02
PMC – Permanent Make-Up Micro-Pigmentation

The Process:

Randee uses a multistep European process specifically developed for a clients unique features.

  • After an extensive consultation, pigmentation is precisely determined for you with a preliminary drawing.
  • Then your pigment process begins.
  • The color is more intense initially. After two to three weeks, pigmentation will reach its “final stage” and have the desired shade.
  • Your second appointment ensures the pigmentation is thoroughly checked, if necessary, “perfected”.

Randee uses only state of the art equipment and organic based pigment to ensure your service is held to the best standards of the permanent makeup industry.

Its About You:

Below are a few reasons someone might be looking at having a permanent makeup treatment:

  • Exhausted from applying makeup every day
  • Developing a sensitivity to different kinds of makeup
  • Requiring more time in the morning
  • The comfort of knowing your makeup will last in the event you are swimming, working out, in the rain, or any other activity that risks smudging


Contact us for a free consultation. Call or e-mail us your photo and we will assess your service options.


“A perfect look all the time, beauty without fuss, permanent good looks anytime, anywhere, always!” 


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