Customized Services:

For the multitude of shapes and Colors, let Randee’s customized services help you look your best! Please see the descriptions of the services we offer below.


Eyeliner is commonly used to define the eye. It can be used to create various looks as well as enhancing features of the eye. Eyeliner can either be placed in the lash line for the illusion of a thicker lash or above and below the upper and lower lashes. Eyeliner is available in a wide range of hues, from the common black, brown, and grey to more adventurous shades.

Eye Brows: 

Eye Brows are often an area that gets over looked by most. Enhancing your brow frames your facial features. Permanent makeup allows to shape, contour, or even replace a troublesome brow line. There are a variety of shades available.

Lip Liner:

The lip liner treatment enhances the shape, volume, and definition of the lip. With the variety of shades available, it is possible to either define your lip by matching the color of liner to the natural color of your lips, or to use a darker shade to add more definition.

Full Lip:

The full lip treatment will enhance your lip with a complimentary colour of your choice. Like the lip Liner Treatment your lips will be better defined, better shaped, and you will no longer have to worry about smudging or product rubbing off. Our Full Lip Treatment is also a great foundation for many lip balms and oils.

All of our treatments are permanant but may fade over time. Depending on the many variables in a person you may require a touchup every so often and at your own discretion. Effects of any services will be more noticeable at first but will adjust to desired effect with in the first month or so.


Contact us for a free consultation. Call or e-mail us your photo and we will assess your service options.


“A perfect look all the time, beauty without fuss, permanent good looks anytime, anywhere, always!”

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